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Pantang Hospital is the third of the three psychiatric hospitals in Ghana. It is the largest and was commissioned in 1975 by General I. K. Acheampong. Pantang Hospital was built as a 500-bed facility with a Pan-African Mental Health Village in mind. The hospital is situated close to the Pantang village, about 1.6 kilometres off the Accra- Aburi road and 25 kilometres from Central Accra.

Headed by a Ghanaian Psychiatrist, Dr.Sika-Nartey after its commissioning, the facility has provided first class psychiatric care to several clients in and around the Pantang village, neighbouring Aburi and into the hinterland. Unfortunately, the dream to have a Pan-African Mental Health Village did not materialise as the visionary was ousted in another coup d’etat, and since then no government saw the need to complete the vision that would bring into being Africa’s all purpose psychiatric facility, which would spearhead the growth of psychiatric facilities and the development in mental healthcare within the sub-region.

This has left the numerous structures that were under construction to be overgrown by weeds to an extent that some of them have been rendered almost unusable. The volume of land acquired for such development has been overly encroached by private developers, and the lack of resources both materially and financially have crippled authorities of the hospital from taking the necessary action needed to safeguard what is left of the abandoned loot.

Just like the Ankaful Psychiatric Hospital, the Pantang Hospital has been compelled to provide general medical services together with the care of the mentally ill because communities close to the hospital have not enjoyed the benefit of health facilities that provide such physical medical services. One prominent feature the Pantang hospital has been well known for apart from its psychiatric care has been the mortuary services which is highly patronised within the catchment area. Again, the hospital runs a maternity unit from which it also derives some internally generated funds.