Dr. Akwasi Osei

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Welcome to the website of the Mental Health Authority. The creation of this site is a development that is to bring the Authority a step closer to the public through the medium of cyberspace. The Mental Health Authority is an agency under the Ministry of Health, and established through enactment of the Mental Health Act, 2012 (Act 846). The Authority has the mandate, per the Act, to propose mental health policies to the Ministry of Health and thereafter implement same; to ensure the establishment of very high quality mental health care accessible to all, affordable and culturally sensitive. The governing board of the Authority is the Mental Health Board established on 19 November 2013. The Authority and the Board are opening up a new paradigm of mental health care that de-emphasizes institutional care and rather promotes community care and integration of mental health care into general health care.
This medium of the website is to link the Authority to all visitors of the site for a shared understanding of developments in the mental health front. On this site visitors have the opportunity to interact with the Authority. Please feel free to give your comments and constructive criticisms. You are a stakeholder and together with you we will build a strong mental health care and create a society with total health, for truly, there is no health without mental health.
Welcome on board.

Dr. Akwasi Osei
CEO, Mental Health Authority