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The Ankaful Psychiatric Hospital was the first to spring up after the Accra Psychiatric Hospital. It is touted as one of Nkrumah’s accomplishments built in the year 1965. The hospital was built to accommodate up to 500 patients, and admits patients from regions around the central region where it is located, namely Western and Ashanti regions.
Dr Sangmuah, Dr Sika-Nartey and Dr. Atsor were the pioneer psychiatrists. This was an attempt to decongest the hospital.

The Ankaful Psychiatric Hospital has seven (7) wards, males and females. It admits patients as inpatients and on OPD levels.

Over the years, the Ankaful Psychiatric Hospital has evolved through various stages and the status quo of paradigm shift is worth commending. The hospital has over time had to provide general medical services together with the care of the mentally ill because communities close to the hospital have not had facilities that provide such physical medical services.

The outpatient department now operates a 24 hour service. Other speciality services now incorporated include epileptic clinic, substance use clinic, diabetic and hypertension clinic and a general medical outpatient department (O.P.D) to take care of non-psychiatric cases. The hospital also runs a maternity unit which is highly patronised by the communities around.